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REMINDER - Troop Board Of Reviews are on the 3rd Friday of the month. The Scout MUST  appear in FULL uniform, with his SCOUT BOOK for the BOR.


Camping Permission Slip for Pouch Trip due next meeting




  ADVANCEMENT - Checkout the links page for advancement video's for Tenderfoot - Second Class and First Class.  Watch the video, read the Scout Handbook and come to the next meeting prepared to ADVANCE!!!!!!
NEW Staten Island EAGLE SCOUT WEB SITE   www.statenislandeagle.org
Looking for WEB ideas. Troop Scribe, Troop Historian contact the WEB Master with Troop information.
Patrol Leaders - Send in your Patrol pictures, your plans for the next meeting, ideas for Your Patrol Page
Senior Patrol Leader - What is next Weeks Program - Coming soon the "SPL" page. Be Prepared!

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