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The Hawk Mountain Council email address is When sending urgent email, call the Council office at (610) 926-3406 to make sure someone reads the incoming email. The fax is also available at (610) 926-4965.

BSA Internet Guidelines

Most unit web sites are listed on this page. Any unit that is not on this list should submit their URL to the Hawk Mountain Council webmaster.  Before the Council will provide a link to a unit web site, unit sites must meet national guidelines.

In recent years a lot of Scout units have entered the world of cyberspace. More and more units are developing their own unit web sites. In response to this growing medium the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America has set guidelines for unit web sites. These guidelines are for the protection of our youth, and you should not consider them a hindrance to your creativity in web site design. Listed below are the guidelines your unit should follow if you are currently developing a web site. If your unit already has a web site please review these guidelines and update your unit's site. Remember we are here for the youth and are responsible for their protection.

Guidance for Unit Web Sites

The Boy Scouts of America provides the following advice for individuals who use privately owned Web sites and e-mail accounts to communicate information about Scouting.


Scouters should exercise propriety and good taste online. Material that will be posted to a unit site or sent from a unit e-mail account should be reviewed by at least three adult members of the unit committee. Access (the ability to place material on the site or send messages from the account) should be controlled by an adult who is responsible to the committee.

Youth Protection

Names, images, and especially contact information pertaining to youth members should never be gathered or published over the Internet.


Do not "borrow" (without permission) content for use in unit Web sites. Written permission should always be obtained, even when material is declared to be "free" or "public domain;" it might not be.


BSA Web Site Guidelines

1. The council must have direct control over the content of its official Web site.

2. The content of the council site must be appropriate to the Scouting movement.

3. The council site cannot contain links to any sites that contain material that is not appropriate to the Scouting movement.

4. The council site cannot contain any advertisements or commercial endorsements.

5. The council site cannot engage in the electronic sale of BSA Supply Division merchandise or competing products.

6. The council site cannot replicate any BSA publication currently for sale through the Supply Division.

7. Council sites must abide by all laws regarding copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property ownership designations, and by those pertaining to the Internet.

8. Council sites must consider the safety and privacy of their members and participants by obtaining the necessary permissions to release information about or images of any individual.

Hawk Mountain Council interprets the unit guidelines and item 8 to be the following:

  • The site cannot mention full names of youth (first name and last initial is acceptable).
  • The site cannot provide e-mail addresses of youth.
  • The site cannot provide mailing addresses of youth.
  • The site cannot provide phone numbers of youth.
  • Units must obtain permission from adult members before publishing any of the above personal information.
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    Council Key 3 Unit Award

    1. "2003 Quality Unit" The unit must be a Quality Unit by December 31, 2003.

    2.  "2003 FOS Participation" The minimum standard to qualify will be 50% participation of the unit's families based on December 31, 2002 membership report.

    3. "Top Leader Trained" The top leader will have completed Adult Leader Training by December 31, 2003 as required for their current position.

    4. "Leaders Trained" A minimum of 50% of all registered adults in the unit (pack, troop, crew) will have completed Leader Training by December 31, 2003 as required for their current position, i.e. Cub Scout leaders complete Cub Scout Leader Training, Boy Scout Leaders complete Boy Scout Leader Training and Venture Leaders complete Venturing Training.  Registered committee members are considered trained upon completion of unit committee training.

    5. "Boys Life" By December 31, 2003, the unit will have at least 1 subscription going into the home of every registered youth.

    6. "2003 Camp" The Cub pack will have at least 50% of its registered youth attend either Day Camp and/or Webelos Extended Camp based upon their June 30, 2003 membership.  Each Boy Scout troop will have at least 65% of its registered youth attend summer camp at Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation based upon their June 30, 2003 membership.

    7. "Sold 2003 Popcorn" The minimum amount necessary to qualify will be an Average Gross Sales figure of $60.00 per registered youth as of June 30, 2003 membership report as it relates to the 2003 Fall Sale.

    ** Please Note: Units that qualify in calendar year 2003 will be recognized at the Council Recognition Dinner in May of 2004.

    Recognition items will be (1) a patch for each youth and adult member of the Unit, (2) a Unit Streamer, (3) four free tickets to the Council Program Launch and (4) equivalent of one youth camp fee at the unit's disposal for the 2003 Summer Camp Season at Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation.

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    Unit Management Software & ScoutNET

    More and more units are purchasing software to manage their unit activities. They use the software to add registrations, renew unit charters, track advancements, collect a database of Scouting parents and adults, record hikes and campouts, produce permission slips, and print rosters. The capabilities of the different software programs vary.

    The BSA now maintains registration with a new computer system called ScoutNET. One feature of ScoutNET is that data can be supplied to council in files created by compatible unit management software. Conversely, data can by supplied in file form by ScoutNET for use in unit managment software. This saves considerable time typing the information. However, all files supplied to council must be authenticated with paper copies with all of the proper signatures. Files will not be used under any circumstances without the proper signatures on paper copies.

    The compatibility of unit management software with ScoutNET has several advantages for unit leaders. Primarily, unit leaders are assured of the accuracy of the data that becomes the official record for membership, advancements, addresses, telephone numbers, and other information for their members and leaders. The records they keep in their unit management software is usually gathered from original documents, such as the Scout's advancement record from his Boy Scout Handbook, or addresses and telephone numbers from the applications and/or directly from parents. Using the charter renewal and advancement file uploads, the council creates a record for each Scout that is an exact duplicate of the record that the unit is keeping.

    The compatibility of unit management software with ScoutNET has several advantages for the council also. Two primary advantages include the accuracy of the data and time saved importing the data electronically rather than manually.

    To benefit, the unit must be using approved unit management software. Information on these ScoutNET-compatible software programs follows:

    This process is still in its experimental stages at Hawk Mountain Council. We have a policy that we will not accept data or supply data on floppy disks. We will only accept files and supply files by email. This is an attempt to avoid viruses. If you have any questions, please contact the Council Service Center at 610-926-3406.

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    Unit Anniversaries

    Several of Hawk Mountain Council's Troops and Packs are celebrating over 20 years tenure. These anniversaries are:













    Congratulations to all of these units which are celebrating their anniversaries and especially to Troop 413 which is celebrating its 84th anniversary and Troop 312 which is celebrating its 80th anniversary.

    If you would like more information on Honoring a Scouter or Unit Anniversary click here.

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    Indian Run District


    Troop 604, Port Carbon This is a good site with many features.

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